Marsken Records

Marsken Records

Extreme Music from Sønderjylland 

Marsken Records is a label based out of the Sønderjylland region of Denmark. It is the product of the cooperative energies of husband and wife team Tom Blancarte and Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen, and is dedicated to releasing extreme music from the South of Denmark and Northern Germany.



Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen : ONDSKABENS LETHED : Louise D.E. Jensen - saxophone, electronics & vocals

CD of studio improvisations to be released on Marsken Records, 2017

Sweet Banditry : FARVEFISEN BLOMSTRER : Louise D.E. Jensen - vocals & saxophone, Brandon Seabrook - guitar, Tom Blancarte - upright bass, Kevin Shea - drums

CD of studio recordings released on Marsken Records, 2013

Herbert Eckardt : FRANKENSTEIN, I LOVE YOU! : Louise D.E. Jensen - saxophone, flute, vocals, keyboards, Luca Marini - drums, keyboards

CD-R of studio compositions & improvisations, originally self-released, reissued digitally on Marsken Records in 2016

Louise D.E. Jensen : YOU LOOK LIKE YOUR MOTHER, WOULD YOU LIKE MORE SAUCE? : Louise D.E. Jensen - alto saxophone, flute, vocals

CD of improvisations, originally released on Peacock Recordings in 2011, reissued digitally on Marsken Records 2015

Torus : TORUS : Drew Pitcher - alto saxophone, Alejandro Florez - guitar, Tom Blancarte - upright bass

CD-R of studio improvisations, originally self-released in 2006, reissued for digital release on Marsken Records, 2016