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Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen

Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen : ONDSKABENS LETHED : Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen - saxophone, voice, flute & electronics

CD of improvisations with 8-page booklet, released on Marsken Records, 2017

Gauntlet Quartet : THE GAUNTLET OF MEHEN : Tom Blancarte - bass, Peter Evans - trumpet, Louise D.E. Jensen - saxophone & voice, Dan Peck - tuba

CD of studio improvisations released on Destiny Records, 2015

Sweet Banditry : FARVEFISEN BLOMSTRER : Louise D.E. Jensen - vocals & saxophone, Brandon Seabrook - guitar, Tom Blancarte - upright bass, Kevin Shea - drums

CD of studio recordings released on Marsken Records, 2013

The Home of Easy Credit : THE HOME OF EASY CREDIT : Louise D.E. Jensen - alto saxophone & vocals, Tom Blancarte - upright bass

CD of studio recordings released on Northern Spy Records, 2012

Sam Kulik : THE BROADCAST : various artists

Baseball cards with download codes sold in packs, featuring music recorded over several years and released through the following website

Herbert Eckardt : FRANKENSTEIN, I LOVE YOU! : Louise D.E. Jensen - saxophone, flute, vocals, keyboards, Luca Marini - drums, keyboards

CD-R of studio compositions & improvisations, originally self-released, reissued digitally on Marsken Records in 2016

Louise D.E. Jensen : YOU LOOK LIKE YOUR MOTHER, WOULD YOU LIKE MORE SAUCE? : Louise D.E. Jensen - alto saxophone, flute, vocals

CD of improvisations, originally released on Peacock Recordings in 2011, reissued digitally on Marsken Records 2015