Marsken Records

Louise D.E. Jensen

Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen (b. 1980) is a Danish-American saxophonist, vocalist and composer whose anti-authoritarian approach has led to her to a sort of bi-coastal career where she thrives simultaneously in the dense and claustrophobic environment of New York City and the idyll of the southern Danish countryside. 


This duality finds its counterpart in her music: equal parts raw, unrelenting exploration of harsh noise and questing melodic forays. Not prone to sit on the sidelines, she tends to lead or co-lead her own ensembles. She recently formed a hellish saxophone quartet comprised of legendary Japanese noise saxophonist Tamio Shiraishi, tenor saxophonist Matt Nelson (Battle Trance, Premature Burial) and young alto play Chris Pitsiokos (Weasel Walter). She is also the leader of, vocalist and composer for Danish improvised no-wave band Sweet Banditry (featuring Brandon Seabrook & Kevin Shea), the co-leader of eerie post-apocalyptic improv duo The Home of Easy Credit with husband Tom Blancarte, as well as a member of various ad-hoc improvising groups, including the Gauntlet Quartet with Peter Evans, Dan Peck and Tom Blancarte. 


She has toured extensively throughout the continental United States and Europe and has performed with musicians as diverse as Weasel Walter, Marc Ducret, Jim Black, Tim Dahl, Erica Dicker and Poul Dissing. She co-runs the Denmark-based label Marsken Records with husband Tom Blancarte.